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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Toolbox Talk

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Toolbox Talk

There are not many topics more pertinent to onsite safety than personal protective equipment, commonly known as PPE in the construction industry. This is the clothing and gear that’s specifically intended to keep the wearer from harm. It can include anything from safety goggles for shielding the eyes to harnesses and fall arrest systems that prevent workers falling from a height. Even a simple hi-vis garment can be considered a form of PPE, protecting the wearer by making them easily spotted.

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Safety Meeting Topics for Every Workplace Environment

Safety Meeting Topics for Every Workplace Environment

Safety meetings, or toolbox talks, are ubiquitous on construction sites and similar workplaces. This is for very good reason—in an inherently risky industry, workplace safety should always be a top priority. And on a site with myriad (literally) moving parts, elevated work areas, heavy equipment and machinery, electrical hazards, and more, there are so many different aspects to consider and communicate.

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