We are Safety Evolution


We are motivated by intimate experiences with workplace events to create a proactive safety system. Our compassion, empathy, and innovation help steward behaviour and culture into the workplace of tomorrow.

Our Story

Our Story

How did Safety Evolution get started?





Wade and David met in 2014 while working as Safety Managers on a drilling program.

Fast forward 2 years, over a cup of coffee in Wade’s office, they found themselves discussing the challenges they and other Safety Professionals face on a daily basis.

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They were seeing the same incident root causes too often.

Investigations found undertrained workers, companies were not performing competencies checks, and the hazards weren't recognized or documented. Safety Pros like David and Wade were chained to their desks with paperwork and feeling like something had to change.


What if there was a different way?

What if companies could have a turn-key system built for them by Safety Professionals?

Built with checks and balances designed to protect the worker. Safety Professionals would be able to see what their team was doing in real-time and have automation to reduce the administrative workload.


Building this software has been rewarding, challenging, and inspiring.

We get to see the real-world impact on workers and their safety teams every day. We are excited to be a part of your company's safety story and we are ready to roll up our sleeves to get to work for you!


Meet our team

CEO - President

David Brennan


David started in safety by creating the safety program in his company in 2006. 2011 saw the start of his safety career where he worked on major projects with contractors and prime contracts. He received his EMBA in 2017 and is passionate about innovation and change.

COO - Vice President

Wade Osmond CRSP


Wade started his career in Health and Safety by owning a construction company in 2002. After being introduced to safety by a friend, he went on to work for major Oil and Gas companies in roles ranging from contractor HSE Rep to Client Project HSE Manager for Major Projects.

Software Engineer

Andy Koch



He started as a contractor building the systems database framework. Andy was offered a full-time position as a founder after it was realized the incredible value that he brought to the company. He is the developing brain behind the system and software.


Product Design & Strategy

Jake Dorscht



Jake worked in Safety for 8 years before enrolling in Emily Carr University of Art and Design. This field experience gives him unique insights into what it's like to be in the field. He uses these experiences to guide workers effortlessly throughout their day.

Business Development

Neil Saunders



Neil joined the Safety Evolution team in spring 2021. Having a strong background in sales, customer service and operational management allows him to effectively work with companies and give them the benefits of having the Safety Evolution Safety Management Software. If you have any questions or would like to set up a software demo then give him a call!

Client Success

Ashley Alexander



Ashley is a people person; she enjoys helping others face their challenges and overcome them through new and innovative ways. In her past life, Ashley was recognized as Sabre Award Winner for North America’s Restauranteur of the Year, therefore she welcomes all talks around food!

Client Success

Linda Brennan

HSE Specialist


Linda joined Safety Evolution in 2016 and started building the client's system. In 2020, Linda took on the role of Success Manager. She guides our clients as they implement the software. She is the leader in the development of our world-class support team.



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