Safety Evolution Feature Overview

Complete Safety Management Software

Manage your safety, people and assets by giving workers in the field complete access to your safety program.

Build Safety Forms, Upload Reference Documents, Manage Certificates, Assign Training, Monitor Compliance and so much more...


Benefits of Safety Software

Get Boots on the Ground

Free yourself from the slog of hours spent climbing administrative and paperwork mountains that prevent you from spending valuable time with your workers.

Amplify Buy-In

It will be easier than ever to track and correct deficiencies. While you work on mentoring your workers to create quality documentation, we can update your analytics in real-time. Excel spreadsheets and chasing down missing paperwork are in the past.

Get More for Less

We know you are often scrambling to get support to develop your program. We have created a digital solution that is superior to traditional paper-based systems and it will cost you less to maintain.

Gain the Respect You Deserve

We want you to feel proud and show off your professional and innovative Safety Culture. Cohesion and clarity command respect from management, workers, and industry.


Get the most out of your Safety Management Software

  • Safety Management

  • Incident Management

  • Learning Management

  • Employee Management

  • Asset Management

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Safety Management should be efficient, effective, and actionable

Your manuals and forms are at the fingertips of your key stakeholders and your data is not just accessible but meaningful and in real-time.

Centralized, real-time forms give clarity across organizations, report dashboards connect your safety, people, and assets, searchable safety documents on every worker's device, and get more for less than paper systems.


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Incident Management lends a hand when you are under pressure

You work so hard to prevent workplace incidents but when they happen we have your back. Our investigation process was designed to guide you through tracking down documents, drilling down to the root cause of the incident, and correcting deficiencies.

The worker is coached through the field reporting process, completes investigation without travelling to the scene, quickly link supporting documents from the database, and real-time Incident KPI Dashboard.


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Take the lead with Learning Management

Well-trained workers have fewer incidents, take pride in their work, and buy into safety. Training shouldn't be hard to access and that's why we built the Learning Manager. Training courses can be taken on any device and automatically populate your training matrix and employee management profiles.

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Employee Management streamlined for connection

Managing your workforce can be an administrative slog. We streamlined this process through automating employee onboarding and tracking certifications and their expirations. Your employee’s comprehensive profile ensures you assign the right employee for the job.

Track safety buy-in to validate hard work,
invest in your workers through developing competency, tools to steward your team towards a safer tomorrow, and detailed employee records accessible across devices.

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Get more from your equipment with Asset Management

You can decrease the chances of surprise repairs or stranded employees by scheduling and tracking your preventative maintenance plan. Real-time inspections and reports allow your management team to work efficiently to decrease downtime by up to 95%.

Inspections automatically identify repairs, repairs are assigned and completed in the action system, asset records auto-update when activities are completed, and upload user manuals and certifications for each asset.

Custom Employee Onboarding & Orientation

Want Consistent Orientations Delivered Every Time?

Looking for an easier way to facilitate safety orientations?

Need better tracking of orientations and certificates?

Struggling to get workers to complete their onboarding checklist?

Integrated Learning Management System

Tired Of Chasing Workers To Get Re-Certified?

Spending hours tracking training through excel and missing expired certificates?

Waiting for the worker to provide proof of the updated OSHA training? 

Wish you had a notification to let you know ahead of time training was expiring?

Integrated Learning Management System With Danatec, ALARA
Safe  At Risk Observation
Digital Safety Forms

Struggling To Manage Paper Forms?

Is your team missing capturing Hazard ID's? Chasing workers for hazard assessments? Are you spending hours gathering forms to analyze trends?

Incident Reporting & Investigations System

Need Help With Workplace Incident Investigations?

Are your Incident Reports missing critical information required to perform an Investigation?

Do your Investigations miss the root cause of the event causing incidents to repeat on a regular basis? 

Wish you had better data from Investigations to help reduce incident rates and give better insight into trends?

Incident & Investigation System
Keep Your Equipment From Breaking Down, With Asset Management
Reduce Equipment Downtime, With Asset Management

Tired of Equipment Inspections Being Missed?

Waiting days to see an equipment inspection?

Under pressure to prove that repairs were completed per OSHA/ manufacturer recommendations?

Do you know how much equipment downtime costs your company?

Offline / Online Mobile App

Chasing Workers For Missed Safety Forms?

Hazard assessment & commercial vehicle inspections being missed in the field?

Over-tracking down signatures for safety meetings?

Are forms handed in without critical information?

Tracking down Signatures
Mobile App

Offline / Online For the Field

Your Safety Program in Workers Pockets

Web App

Auto-Syncing Manager Portal

I am spending hours managing and processing incoming forms.


Top 10 Features

1Build Custom Forms: Hot Work Permits, Confined Space Log, Emergency Response Plans, JSA, OSHA 300, Hazard Assessments, etc


Employee Profiles that Track Worker Certifications & Training with 30-day Expiry Notifications


Schedule Inspections for Equipment & Locations with Automated Corrective Actions


Preventative Maintenance & Asset Management System


Learning Management System with ClickSafety, Danatec & ALARA Certified Courses


Hazard ID, BBO and Near Miss Reporting


7Safety Manual, SDS, Safe Work Practices & Procedures Searchable In Your Safety Software


8Full Incident Reporting & Investigation Management System


9Create Custom Orientations & Training Courses with Quiz's


10Pre-Built Analytic Reports that Produce KPI's


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Safety Evolution Software was the tool we needed to unify our safety program and have a more manageable system. The team at Safety Evolution goes above and beyond and is always available to answer questions, fix problems, and walk you through the tools that you are learning to use.

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What our customers are saying

"Safety Evolution worked tirelessly to create an entire safety system catered to my business by my deadline, and they have always continued this same level of support. I would recommend Safety Evolution to anyone who has a need for a high-level, state of the art, safety system. They will not disappoint you."

“One thing that makes me the happiest is the service and support. As soon as you need something it is done, and fast. With other safety management companies I have worked with- you were lucky if you got a callback, and when I needed something it happened very slowly- if at all.”

“Our safety program was in need of a major update. We decided to work with Safety Evolution and our safety program has never looked better.”


Curious how going digital can save you money?

Based on data showing it takes 20 mins a week per employee to collect, skim, and file safety paperwork.




Hours needed managing paper


Cost to manage safety on paper


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