125 Toolbox Talks Topics For The Summer

125 Toolbox Talks Topics For The Summer

Health and safety are extra essential in summer because of the environment's additional hazards. We've compiled a list of 125 health and safety topics you can talk about with your workers.

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Daily health and safety toolbox talks can help increase knowledge of the various hazards your team will be facing. 

By incorporating the different safety subjects, one at a time, little and frequent, you can soon boost health and safety awareness amongst your team. When people know about the risks and control them, they can work safer. Here are 125 safety topics you can discuss throughout the summer.

Summer Toolbox Topics listed A-Z

  1. After a Fire Safety
  2. Alcohol Consumption
  3. Avoid Horseplay
  4. Awareness on the Job
  5. Bad Habits
  6. Barricades and Warning Devices
  7. Basic electrical toolbox
  8. Being Positive
  9. Bench Grinder Safety
  10. Blind Spots
  11. Carbon Monoxide
  12. Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  13. Chainsaw Safety
  14. Chop Saws
  15. Cold Chisels Safety
  16. Common Safety errors 
  17. Complacency
  18. Complying with Fall Protection
  19. Computer ergonomics
  20. Computer Eye Strain
  21. Construction Site Rules
  22. Construction Vests
  23. Controlling Work Stress
  24. Conveyor Belt Safety
  25. Crane Boom Safety
  26. Dangerous Chemicals
  27. Dangers of Asbestos
  28. Easily Avoidable Mistakes
  29. Electric Generator Safety
  30. Electric Power Jack Safety
  31. Electrical boxes
  32. Electrical Safety
  33. Emergency Action Plan
  34. Energy Isolation Devices
  35. Environmental Compliance
  36. Evacuation Safety
  37. Explosives Safety
  38. Flatbed Safety
  39. Foot Injuries
  40. Fuel Truck Safety
  41. General Safety Tips
  42. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters
  43. Group Lockout Protection
  44. Hail Safety
  45. Hammer safety
  46. Hand Saw Safety
  47. Hazard Assessments
  48. Hazardous Energy
  49. Head injury
  50. Hearing Protection
  51. Heat Precautions
  52. Heat stress
  53. Heatstroke
  54. How to Lift Something Properly
  55. Humidity
  56. Hydration
  57. Identify Potential Threats
  58. Inclement Weather Protocol
  59. Job Training
  60. Knee Pads
  61. Knife Safety
  62. Ladder inspections
  63. Ladder Safety
  64. Lawn Mower Safety
  65. Lead-based paint
  66. Legionella
  67. Lightning Safety
  68. Looking Out for Each Other
  69. Manual Handling
  70. Mental Health Injuries
  71. Minor injury protocol
  72. Miter Saw Safety
  73. Mosquito bites
  74. Mountain Safety
  75. Neck Injuries
  76. Office safety processes
  77. Pallet Jack Safety
  78. Parking Lot Safety
  79. Personal Protection Equipment 
  80. Portable Step Ladders
  81. Powder actuated tools
  82. Preparing for Heavy Rain
  83. Preventable Accidents
  84. Proper Handwashing
  85. Protecting the public
  86. Protective outerwear
  87. Quick-fix Safety
  88. Reflective Clothing
  89. Refuelling Equipment
  90. Reporting Injuries or Illness
  91. Required Safety Clothing
  92. Respirator Safety
  93. Respiratory Protection
  94. Risk of Electrical Danger
  95. Safe Employment Practices
  96. Safe Hairstyles
  97. Safety For New Employees
  98. Safety Reporting
  99. Safety signage
  100. Sander Safety
  101. Sprains
  102. Stormwater Safety
  103. Sunburn
  104. Tick bites
  105. Tire Safety
  106. Tornado Safety
  107. Tower Scaffolds
  108. Tractor Safety
  109. Trash Compactor Safety
  110. Trestles
  111. Tunnel Risk Assessment
  112. UV Safety
  113. Vehicle operations
  114. Vehicle Signaling Techniques
  115. Vehicle Wheel Safety
  116. Watch the Weather
  117. What to do after a near miss
  118. Why safety matters
  119. Wildfire Safety
  120. Work Boots
  121. Working Around Cranes
  122. Working at Low Elevations
  123. Working with Live Wires
  124. Workplace Bullying
  125. Wrenches Safety

Phew, that's a lot of safety topics, and I'm confident you can think of more to add to this list! If you're feeling a little overwhelmed, grab our toolbox talks package!

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