What is a Certificate of Recognition or COR? Can it help my company?

What is a Certificate of Recognition or COR? Can it help my company?

What is a Certificate of Recognition or COR and could it help my company growth?

At Safety Evolution (SE) we get many people contacting us about becoming COR certified. The typical phone call we receive sounds a lot like this: “I’ve got an opportunity for a contract, but the organization asked if we had COR. I’ve done some reading on it, but I don’t quite understand how I get it. Can you give me COR?”. Let’s look at what is COR and how can your company get it.

What is COR?

COR is an acronym that stands for Certificate of Recognition. To qualify for COR, you must have more than 10 employees. COR is awarded to employers who have developed and successfully implemented a health and safety program that meets specific provincial standards. That’s right…implemented is the key word here. You can have an outstanding health and safety manual but if you never use it, or do not follow the program you will not achieve and maintain COR.

So why should you get COR for your business?

There are many reasons why employers want to get their company COR but typically what we hear are:

  • We are expanding and want to improve our programs and lower our WCB rates.
  • I am required to have COR to bid on a project.
  • I have been offered a contract, but I am required to have COR.

Larger organizations are looking to see if you have COR as this is their way of determining if your company takes the health and safety of your workers serious.

Some of the benefits to achieving and maintaining a certificate of recognition for your business are:

Employee Satisfaction

Shows potential employees that you take their health and safety seriously and want to put the systems in place and provide them with the tools to go home safe every day

Reduction in incident rates

With a complete health and safety management system in place, you will have the tools to ensure your employees are properly trained to conduct the tasks that you require.

Improved worker productivity

A safe and happy employee that has the tools and training to complete their work means jobs get done on time and right the first time without having to worry about rework.

Lower WCB Premiums

As you grow your business, WCB premiums can be quite expensive. As a member of an industry partner and holder of your certificate of recognition, you can qualify for up to a 40% discount on your WCB premiums. (dependent on the province)

How do I become COR certified?

Achieving your COR can seem like a daunting task. However, this can really be simplified following these easy steps:

  1. Have a health and safety program
  2. Implement this program including:
    1. Vehicle, site, office inspections
    2. Fire extinguisher inspections
    3. Employee training and competency verification
    4. Completion of hazard assessments recognition and control for your work
    5. Having and testing an emergency response plan
    6. Incident investigations and corrections of areas where improvements are required
    7. Safety Meetings
    8. Management taking part all aspects of the health and safety program

    This list is not inclusive of all items required

  3. Having a WCB account for your company
  4. Becoming a member of an injury reduction group or certifying partner
  5. Apply for your COR for your organization.
  6. Follow the steps outlined in the application to achieve your COR
    1. Complete the application
    2. Complete the necessary training
    3. Submit the required documents or set up the audit when applicable

If you find this process daunting contact the Safety Evolution business support team today at 1-844-458-8117 or book your free consultation today.

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