Onboarding and Orientation of New Employees

Onboarding and Orientation of New Employees

In this post I want to talk to you today about onboarding and orientating your workers.

We have seen a lot of incidents happening where workers are not trained properly, they don't know what to expect and this is a root cause for them getting hurt. 


Have you noticed:

  • more incidents are occurring in your workplace?
  • your workers do not know what to expect on the worksite?
  • your workers are unaware of how to recognize and prevent workplace hazards?

Perhaps they are not receiving proper training and ultimately are not set up for success. 

One of the first mistakes companies make is not having a plan!

You need to build a plan for your workforce, all the work they will be doing and what they need to know. Once you have that plan, build out the orientation and find a place to host it and make sure it’s delivered consistently every time.

Companies that focus on onboarding orientating their workers see less injuries and the quality of the work increases. 

We saw this happen multiple times on projects where we implemented the strategy and techniques we teach in this video. 

  • You will learn how we researched and planned out what we needed in our program.
  • How we built the program and then how we delivered them. 

Here is how we did it!

Onboarding and Orientations


I worked in oil and gas for about 15 years as a health and safety advisor.

I have one project that comes to mind were we orientated and onboard 400 workers. 

We were doing tank entries, tower cleaning, and dangerous work in general.

We put a lot of effort into planning, we were able to put these workers through our orientation and onboarding training program.

We did about 200,000 person-hours and had zero lost time incidents!

It can be a tonne of work developing your orientation and onboarding program so we built this template to help you out. 

It includes a prebuilt orientation template with a checklist and orientation template to help you get through this process.

The link below will get you that download!


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