Safety Evolution's Field Level Hazard Assessment's

Safety Evolution's Field Level Hazard Assessment's

The life cycle of a Field Level Hazard Assessment (FLHA) can be quite complex. The start is with the worker in the field, after they have attended their morning toolbox, the worker heads into the work area with the trust FLHA in their hand. They begin the day by filling out their tasks and move on to the hazards of each task. If the worker understands the system they will risk rank the hazards and document before completing the controls needed to mitigate the hazards and performing the final risk ranking before starting work.

Through out the day the worker will update the FLHA to reflect the changes to the work area, the work they are performing and the hazards associated with the work they are performing. They may need to show other workers and have them sign on as the work they are performing may effect those around them.

If the safety person on the site runs into them they will review, possibly make some suggestions and mentor the worker on the FLHA and hazard recognition in the field. At the end of the day the worker should drop of the FLHA to be reviewed and filed away with all the other safety documentation. The administrator may perform some trending from the FLHA but there is very little else for it to do except wait patiently for the next company audit or to head to the dump when the time is up.

This was the life of the FLHA until now. The Safety Evolution FLHA module changes the way this document is used starting with the worker in the field moving through the company to the owner or president of the company. In today’s world knowledge gives supervisors the power to see trends happening and focus on the causal factors in the workforce before the events happen. The hazards, risk and controls completed on the workers FLHA give the supervisors real time information on the hazards the worker is seeing in the field.

The safety professionals can in minutes see the area’s with the highest risk and focus their energies in those sectors. Management can see the same information in real time to better understand the workforce and gain insight into day to day activities.

Gone are the days when all information stops or flows through the field safety personal. Allow us to show you how a free flow of information, and analytics can drastically change the way you manage your safety management system.

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