The Perfect Safety Meeting Roadmap

The Perfect Safety Meeting Roadmap

How do you get your people to participate in your daily, weekly, and monthly safety meetings?

Most meetings consist of safety people and supervisors standing up and talking in front of the team.

The people in attendance are there because they have to be and half-listen to the message being delivered.

In today's video, we teach you how to deliver the perfect safety meeting. 

The Perfect Safety Meeting Framework includes:

  1. Safety Exercise - this is designed to get everyone in the meeting involved and thinking about safety by introducing a fun exercise
  2. What Are We Doing Great - this is your moment to recognize the positive things that are happening in the safety program. You can even add a Safety Leadership Prize to the mix
  3. What I Wish I Knew - every worker has been involved or witnessed an incident or near-miss and our team can learn a lot from their experiences. This is your tool to get your workers to share their stories. 
  4. Incident Review - we all review incidents but this technique teaches you how to get your workforce involved in the review. They get to weigh in on the Causal Factors and corrective actions that were created. This feedback gets them thinking about what caused the event and then what would stop it next time. 
  5. General Safety Meeting Requirements - this time is left open for you to discuss the items that are required by your Safety program. 

David Brennan, Co-founder of Safety Evolution talks about his experience delivering safety meetings and the framework he designed to get your people involved in meaningful, exciting, and purpose-driven safety meetings. 


The Perfect Safety Meeting


It takes 3-6 months of consistent meetings to get your team interacting and participating in your meetings. You will see your team develop a better understanding of what causes incidents and how they can stop them from happening. 

Download the Perfect Safety Meeting Roadmap and Meeting template so you can get started today. 

I Want the Perfect Safety Meeting Roadmap

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