Download Free Toolbox Talks For Safety Meetings

Download Free Toolbox Talks For Safety Meetings

We have gathered a list of Toolbox Talk Topics to use at your safety meetings and tailgate meetings that you can download for free and use at the job site. These 5-minute safety toolbox talk topics are easy to use and train workers to recognize and avoid unsafe working conditions.

What is a Toolbox Talk?

A toolbox talk is an informal safety meeting that is part of an organization or company's overall health & safety program. Toolbox meetings are generally facilitated at the job site, prior to the workers beginning their work shift. A toolbox talk covers a topic on safety that should relate to the specific work being done that day. These safety meetings are generally short in length and cover topics such as workplace hazards and safe work practices. A toolbox talk is a great way to refresh your workers' knowledge. Toolbox talks are also referred to as toolbox meetings, tailgate meetings, or safety briefings.


Safety Evolution's Free Toolbox Talk Download Package

Finding toolbox talks for your safety meetings last minute can be a hassle.

Download this free package of weekly toolbox talks such as Hand Tool Safety, Forklift Safety, Trench Safety, Workplace Violence, Housekeeping toolbox talk, and more to make life easy!


I Want Free Toolbox Talks!


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OSHA Toolbox Talks

These toolbox talks are a great resource for foremen and supervisors to keep safety at the front of your worker's minds. Use these safety meeting topics at your next toolbox meeting.

They cover a wide variety of safety topics including Welding, Biohazards, Fall Protection & Prevention, Hazard Communication, Basic Scaffold Safety, Personal Protective Equipment, and many more.


British Columbia Toolbox Talks Canada

"The Asphalt Technical Advisory Committee have developed Safety Tools & Resources to assist companies in the road building sub-sector with their safety programs. Originally called the “Road Builder Group,” the ATAC committee came together after the asphalt production industry faced a series of severe accidents and near misses. ATAC serves as an ongoing industry committee that now provides the BCCSA with valuable insight and works to develop tools that address workplace safety."

The BC Construction Safety Alliance provides toolbox talks PPE checklist, Respiratory Protection, Work Alone, Defensive Driving, Return to Work Program, Worker Responsibilities, and many more.

BC Construction Safety Alliance


Alberta Toolbox Talk Topics

The Government of Alberta covers a wide variety of Health & Safety topics such as:

Fire and Explosion - handling and storing flammable materials, controlling explosion hazards, hot work management, and more.

First Aid - resources about first aid requirements for employers, workers, first aiders, first aid training, and more.


Saskatchewan Toolbox Talk For Construction

The Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association promotes safety culture with over 100+ toolbox talk's that can be used as an informal safety meeting, focusing on safety topics related to the specific job, such as workplace hazards and safe work practices.

Find toolbox talks on Asbestos, Certificate of Recognition program, Cranes, Electrical Safety, Eye Protection and many more.

Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA)


Ontario Topics For Toolbox Talks

The IHSA has toolbox talks that cover a wide range of workplace safety topics on:

Working at Heights including Guardrails, Fall Protection - Basic Types, Scaffolds, Suspended Access Equipment.

Rigging & Hoisting including Rigging Hardware, Wire Rope, Hoisting Signals Gin Wheels, and many more.

Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA)


Manitoba Toolbox Talks For Workplace Safety

"CSAM has created the following toolbox talks to provide quality information and practices to help keep YOUR site safe, and to reduce incidents and lower costs." When it comes to toolbox talks "Section 44(3) of the Workplace Safety and Health Act requires each employer with five or more workers at a construction site to provide safety education — or toolbox talks — for a period equal to every two weeks for 30 minutes OR every week for 15 minutes."

CSAM has a variety of toolbox talks such as Aerial Lifts, Asbestos, Cement, Electric Tools, Heat Stress, Head Protection, WHMIS 2015 & GHS, Working Alone, and many more.

Construction Safety Association Manitoba


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