Creating Safety Key Performance Indicators That Build a Safe Workplace

Creating Safety Key Performance Indicators That Build a Safe Workplace

Have you ever been tasked with building Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for a safety program?

This can be a daunting task for anyone. 

It is such a big undertaking that there are multiple systems and books written on creating KPIs and other tracking metrics to make sure that your team is on track. 

On some of the projects that our team here at Safety Evolution have been on the KPI Excel sheet had 20 tabs and then was linked into the main tracking Excel document. 

So how do you figure out some of the top items you need to track?

The first place to start is to understand workplace safety leading and lagging indicators.

Leading Indicators - Proactive, preventative, and predictive measures that monitor and provide current information about the effective performance, activities, and processes of an EHS management system that can drive the identification and elimination or control of risk in the workplace that can cause incidents and injuries. 

In short, this means all the safety activities that you and your team do daily to stop events from happening. This could include Field Level Hazard Assessments, Inspections, Training, Competency Checklists, Safety Meetings, Hazard Identification and anything else that helps protect your team. 

Lagging Indicators - Measure the effectiveness of a companies health and safety program by tracking incident statistics.


It doesn't work to just record one so you need to make sure when you are building your Key Performance Indicators that you are capturing both and comparing your performance over time. 

In this week's video David Brennan, Co-founder at Safety Evolution will walk you through how to determine what you need to measure and help you build or strengthen your company's KPIs. 

Meaningful KPI-s


One of the biggest challenges of creating and managing KPIs is the administrative workload of capturing all the data. 

How do you find a way to easily capture KPIs?

The answer is to move to Safety Management Software. The Safety Evolution Safety Management Software automatically gathers this information and provides it to you updated every day. 

Book a time with our team to learn more about how Safety Evolution can help you protect your team. 

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