Why Safety Professionals Need to Start Celebrating Wins!

Why Safety Professionals Need to Start Celebrating Wins!

Do you spend most of your time discussing what has gone wrong?

Safety programs require Safety Professionals to investigate incidents, review findings with their teams, and discuss how and what they need to improve to stop the events from happening again. 

You are also required to audit other people's work, determine what has been done well and what needs to be corrected. All while ensuring compliance with OSHA and OH&S requirements.  This oftentimes leads to most conversations having a negative connotation.

So what do you do?

How do you change the conversations from ones that most people dread, to positive interactions and experiences for your team? Start Celebrating the Wins!

Big or Small we want to celebrate them all!

In this week's video, David Brennan, Founder of Safety Evolution chats about how celebrating the small wins will change your safety culture. 

The important thing about celebrating small wins is that we're continuously building upon them, we're communicating them with our team and everybody sees what's happening. What you'll find is that when you start to recognize these things and bring them up to your team, you get a very positive cultural effect. 

Some of the things that you want to be looking for are behaviours, continuous improvements and seeing a great mentorship moment or a safety leader in your company. These are great opportunities to vocalize a win and make sure that your workers know about the good things that they're doing, along with the good things the team around them is doing.

There is a science behind this, we get a reward in our brain every time that we get positive reinforcement in the form of a dopamine release. 

Positive Re-enforcement!

We all know how it feels when somebody comes down on you and gives you a hard time, right?  You just have that dejection feeling of, "Wow, this is a really, really tough day." Remember that goes all the way across your team too. If somebody's getting that feeling, then it spreads throughout your company. 

You can change that, by going into positive mode and you can start saying, "Hey, you did a great job here." Make sure that everybody knows when they are doing a good job! Next thing you know, everyone is working harder because we want to make sure that we're actually getting that praise and getting the recognition we deserve. 

You're going to see that it actually changes the way that your people feel about safety, feel about what they're doing in the day, and it's going to add a massive amount of positivity. 


Positive reienforcement for strong safety culture


Start stacking the wins up!

Communicate your wins in your safety meeting. The Perfect Safety Meeting Template Starts with Celebrating the Wins!

I Want the Perfect Safety Meeting Roadmap


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