Safety Management Software

Safety Evolution's Safety Management Software provides the framework for your Health and Safety Program.

The software is designed to provide all aspects of your safety program including your safety manual, practices and procedures. It is where your workers fill out the safety meetings, inspections, and hazard assessments.

Safety Manual

Our Business support team can supply you with your manual, practices, and procedures or we take you existing ones and build them into the system. Gone are the days of trying to update binders.

Safety Meetings

The software comes with your safety meeting forms ready for you to fill out. We add all the types of meetings you need into the system, so they are there when it’s delivered to you. You can even attach documents and pictures to your meetings.


Your company inspection documents, including site inspections, equipment inspections and quality inspections, are created by our team in the system. If you need updates or new ones let us know and we will build them for you. These forms tie into the automated corrective action workflow in the system.

Hazard Assessment

Hazard assessments are completed through Job Hazard Assessment - JHA and Field Level Hazard Assessment - FLHA forms in the system. You can check on your workers from anywhere and you don’t have to wait for them to send in the completed paperwork.

Employee Management

Consistent worker onboarding and tracking in one place.

Safety Evolution provides your company with an integrated employee management system including onboarding, orientation, training and competencies.


Onboarding new workers is as simple as sending out an invite to their email. The system walks them through registration, onboarding and importing their certifications.


Once the initial onboarding is complete the user completes the company orientation that is always consistent and delivers the message your company has endorsed.


The learning management system allows you to build your own training and pick from the courses included in the system. Training includes WHMIS, hazard assessment, and software training.


Our business support team works with you to determine what your team needs for competencies and builds them into the system. Worker competencies are tracked within the same system as worker training.

Safety Scheduler

Safety can be difficult to manage and completed in a timely manner. If you are in the COR/SECOR programs these items can make or break your Audit. That’s why we built the Safety Scheduler.

The Safety Scheduler is your personal assistant to ensure everything is getting done on time.


Set up one time or reoccurring tasks like inspections, safety meetings, and hazard assessments. You can assign them to one person or a group of people. They close them out when they finish the required document.


What use would assigning tasks be if there weren’t notifications? The notification system sends an email and in system notification letting you know that you have items to do.

Incident Investigations

The system comes with a complete root cause investigation designed for anyone to use.

Field Report

This report is designed to walk the worker in the field through the steps required to gather the initial investigation information. They will gather pictures, witness statements and types of damage. It works for incident and near-miss events.

Initial Assessment

Once the field report is completed the worker submits it and you can complete the initial assessment. The assessment classifies the incident or near-miss and sends out notifications to the management in your company.


The investigation process includes collecting supporting documentation, determining the contributing and root cause factors, and creating corrective actions.

Investigation Review

Once the investigation is completed it is sent out for review. Your management can determine if the corrective actions and root cause factors are correct for the event. If the investigation is complete it can be closed out.

Corrective Action Automation

The corrective action workflow is the heart of your health and safety management system. It streamlines your administrative requirements and reduces turnaround time.

Equipment Inspection

Equipment downtime can reduce productivity and cost your business hard earned profits. Corrective actions linked to inspections can reduce your deficiency turnaround time and increase productivity and profits.

Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle inspections are often lost or take weeks to reach your maintenance department. The corrective action workflow informs management when vehicles need service. Vehicle downtime is reduced creating additional cost savings for your company.

Site Inspection

Site Inspections are an integral tool to protect your workers and ensure that your workplace is free of hazards. Inspections are completed and the corrective actions are created at the same time. This reduces administrative cost and worker exposure.

Workplace Hazards

Hazard Identification or HID programs are your worker's way of reporting hazards to supervision. Workers often do not see results from their input. Safety Evolution provides your company with a tool to ensure the hazards seen by the work forces are being recognized, corrected and communicated.


  • Safety Evolution will be your guide through the certification process that will save you time and money.
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  • Turn-Key Safety Management System
  • Complete Safety Management Solution includes inspection forms, documents, policies, procedures and safety manual.
  • $10 per user / month
    + 1499.00 setup fee
  • Safety Manual
  • Employee Management
  • Learning Management
  • Corrective Actions
  • Safety Forms
  • Complete Onboarding
  • Enterprise Safety Management System
  • Available for Organizations over 100 user.
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