Who is Responsible for Workplace Safety?

Who is Responsible for Workplace Safety?

There is a common misconception that the safety person is going to keep people safe at the workplace. 

The Safety Team's role should be to assist managers and supervisors.

Managers and direct supervisors are responsible for the worker's safety.

Safety Professionals are in a unique position to guide them on their journey. We can help them becomes safety leaders and teach them the skills they need to keep their team safe. 

In today's video, David Brennan, Co-founder of Safety Evolution talks about his experiences as a safety professional. One of the common themes was that managers were responsible for the production and the safety team was responsible for safety. 

The nickname for safety was the Department of Production Prevention.

David outlines the tools that he used to change the way supervisors saw their role in safety. He used a framework of: understand, teach and support. 

Understand - You need to understand the position that the supervisors and managers are in. Start by asking questions about their job, their responsibilities, and their general knowledge about their safety responsibilities. This is going to give you the information you need to know where to start.

Teach - This is your chance to start adding to the gaps in their knowledge. Use the information you gathered to start teaching your supervisors and managers to be the safety leaders they deserve to be. 

Support - Support them as they take on this new role. Become their safety mentor and teach them safety techniques, help them with compliances and provide them with the safety resources they need to be successful. 

Many people have a mindset that safety slows down production. The truth is that a strong safety program speeds up production because your people are better organized, they understand the job, they have planned for it and they will produce a higher quality product. 

Who is responsible for workers safety


We believe that workplace safety is something we can all work to improve. Jump on a call any time with one of our team to learn more about how safety software can change the way your company implements safety. 

Download the Personal Safety Involvement to add to your safety toolbox and use it to change a dangerous situation into a learning opportunity. 

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