Short, Focused, and Meaningful Inspections Strengthen Safety Programs!

Short, Focused, and Meaningful Inspections Strengthen Safety Programs!

We have all thought, who wrote this thing when looking at a workplace inspection!

How are we supposed to check the 300 items listed on our 10-page inspection document?

I remember thinking this on multiple management walk-throughs. 

Starting the management inspection with a 15-minute meeting just so everyone can hear all the items that they need to look for on the inspection is not an effective way to work. 

By the time the inspection starts half the things you need to look for have been forgotten. 

In the end, your inspection just turns into a hazard hunt.

This is followed by a debrief meeting where another 20-30 minutes is spent writing down all the different hazards people found. 

Having a long list of items you can systematically move through for a piece of equipment is a great idea but it doesn't work very well when you are walking through a site or the company shop. 

So how can your team create a meaningful and efficient inspection program that will protect your workers and grow your safety culture? 

Watch this video to learn how to create short, focused, and meaningful inspections that will give your company the results you need. 


Meaningful INpsections


Once you have your focused inspection program running the next step is to manage the corrective actions. 

This is extremely time-consuming when you have to update excel spreadsheets, send emails, and track proof of completion. 

Most inspection programs struggle with corrective action follow-up.

The next challenge is ensuring that the inspections have been completed when they are supposed to. 

You are consistently chasing team members to make sure that the inspection has been completed.

When we built the Safety Evolution software we had to deal with the same things and we spent a long time designing how Safety Professionals would want to solve these frustrations. 

Jump on a 15-minute call with one of our team so we can show you how easy inspections, action items, and scheduling these activities can be. 


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