Premium Online Training Courses By Danatec, Powered by Safety Evolution

Premium Online Training Courses By Danatec, Powered by Safety Evolution

We are excited to celebrate 1 year of our Premium Online Training Course partnership with Danatec!

After chatting with our valued clients, one of the big challenges they are facing is the certification of their workforce. They were sending workers out to multiple online partners and faced the following issues:

  1. They would have to make sure their workers took the course....Do they know their Danatec login? ... have they even started it?... Is it done?
  2. They had to wait for the worker to bring the certificate in to see they had completed it...chasing workers for their certificates is never fun!
  3. Once it finally arrived they had to upload it into the worker profile in the Safety Evolution Learning Management System (LMS) to appear in their Training Matrix. 

Hearing these frustrations from safety professionals made us aware we had to change things.


We Upgraded Our Learning Management System To Host Online Training Courses By Danatec

We partnered up with Danatec & ALARA to host their courses in our safety software. Now, our clients can go into their employee's profile in Safety Evolution safety management software and with the click of a button, everything is done for them!

  • Assign Online Training Courses

  • Track Worker Progress

  • Training Certificates Automatically Upload Upon Completion Into Worker Profiles

  • Training Matrix Automatically Updates 

  • New Expiring Training Notifications Are Set


Check out David Brennan, co-founder of Safety Evolution giving you the rundown on the Learning Management System.

HubSpot Video


Online Training Courses From Danatec & ALARA We Offer:

  • DOT - Canadian Federal Hours of Service Online Training
  • Fall Protection Awareness Online Training
  • PPE Awareness Online Training
  • Fatigue Awareness Online Training
  • Fire Safety Awareness Online Training
  • Forklift Awareness Online Training
  • WHMIS (GHS) Online Training
  • Investigating Substance Abuse: To Test or Not to Test Online Training
  • Managing Safety Self-Awareness Online Training
  • Asbestos Awareness Online Training
  • Confined Space Pre-Entry Online Training
  • Respectful Workplace: Preventing Harassment & Violence Online Training
  • Joint Health and Safety Committees and Representatives Awareness
  • Cargo Securement Online Training
  • TDG Online Training Online Training
  • TDG Class 7 For Portable Gauge Users & Wireline Online Training
  • TDG Lithium Batteries Ground Online Training
  • TDG Road & Rail Online Training
  • Wheel Loader / Front End Loader Certification Online Training
  • Canadian Heavy Truck Weights and Dimensions Online Training
  • Daily Pre-trip Inspections Online Training
  • Airbrake Refresher Online Training
  • Professional Drivers Improvement Course Online Training
  • Telehandler TrainingOnline Training
  • Fatigue Management: Driving Drowsy - Taking Responsibility Online Training
  • Fatigue Management for Administrators & Supervisors Online Training
  • Fatigue Safety for Supervisors & Drivers Online Training
  • Workplace Inspections & Incident Investigations Online Training
  • ALARA - Advanced NORM Online Training
  • ALARA - NORM Awareness Online Training
  • ALARA - NORM Worker Online Training
  • and more!


We are very excited to partner with Danatec and We Know Training to provide our customers with these and many more great online training courses. They have been providing premium courses for over 30 years to businesses in Canada and the United States. 


Danatec draw on principles of creative writing, instructional design, and industry best practices, applying thousands of hours to integrate custom media such as transitional graphics, video, and other visual elements to make their training materials and products compelling and powerful. We are proud to be able to offer their online courses to our valued clients. 


If you want to learn more, check out our Demo on Demand to see how getting workers and new employees trained and certified is now easy with Safety Evolution safety software!


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