Common Sense Explained!

Common Sense Explained!

How many times have you heard someone say "use your common sense"?

This term is thrown around with disdain and is often an easy way to call someone stupid. 

Jumping to the conclusion that someone doesn't have the common sense to do a job limits your team's ability to tackle difficult problems.

Everyone on your team comes from a different place and has different life experiences to draw from.  Safety professionals and leaders need to learn from each and every person we work with so we can organize all those experiences to protect our workers. 

Webster dictionary defines common sense as "sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts".

Have you ever considered that to have common sense you need to have a perception of the situation or facts?

Do you think that when a person first starts a job that they have a perception or understanding of the situation or facts?

Every Safety and Human Resource professional knows that they don't. Companies invest in training and education on and off the job to help build their team's awareness and understanding of the situations they will face. 

OH&S legislation directs that the employer will ensure that the hazards are communicated and that the workers are training in the task at hand. 

This can all be tied back to making sure that your workforce has the tools to understand the situation, perform their tasks and protect themselves and their team members. 

In this weeks video, David Brennan Co-founder of Safety Evolution explains common sense and how you can train your team to have a common language and set of rules "Common Sense"



Now that you better understand that common sense doesn't exist unless we create it, you can start using this to build the tools you need to teach your team what they need to know. 

Make sure that you get your leadership team involved because they will have tons of experiences that you need to share with everyone. 

Create a program where this information is shared within your organization.

Get a Safety Management Software like Safety Evolution so you can start building training courses that share this common knowledge with your whole team. 

Book a 15-minute call with our team so they can tell you about the tools you can have at your disposal. 

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