Automated SMS

The Automated Safety Management System allows for a re-allocation of resources within your company. The system reduces the time it takes to trend, track and administer your companies health and safety program.

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Analytics are a staple in every business system used today. Paper based safety management systems rely on teams of administrative staff to track, trend and analyze. Automated real time analytics provide management with real-time insights into their day to day operations.

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Environmental Health and Safety management systems struggle to maintain transparency across locations, divisions and disciplines. HSE Software solutions create an environment that shows top to bottom consistent transparency throughout the organization.

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Accountability within a automated cloud-based safety management system is easily achieved. Real-time viewing of hazards assessments, inspections and other documentation gives supervisors the tool they need to hold themselves and their work force accountable.

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Automated Safety Management System
customized for your business needs

Integrating your health and safety system into our web-based safety management system.

Fully responsive

Safety Evolution's Safety Management System is a fully responsive web-based application optimized for the platform your team is using.

HSE Forms

Worker Competency, Equipment Inspections and Site Inspection created to meet the needs of your companies specific EHS requirements.


Health and Safety Manual

EHS Manuals can be provided by the Safety Evolution team or we can integrate your current paper based Safety Management system.

Corrective Actions

The corrective action workflow automates the process, sending notifications to reduce equipment downtime and ensure timely hazard removal from the workplace.

Turnkey Safety Management System

Safety Management System (SMS)

Take the work out of building your health and safety management system

The Safety Evolution Safety Management System includes safework practices and procedures, hazard identification, nearmiss reporting, site inspections, vehicle and equipment inspections, corrective action management, automated onboarding and orientation, training and competency program, employee management, real time analytics, insights and a complete incident management system.

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Behavioral Based Observation & Hazard Identification

Safety Evolutions BBO/HID program will build a culture of trust within your organization.


Behavioral Based Safety

SAFETY EVOLUTION'S automated Health and Safety Software comes equipped with a built in behavioral based safety observation system. The BBO form allows you to automate the system seeing real time and historical data on at risk and safe behaviors within your company. The automation frees up administrative resources and creates a working system to be used and reviewed by all levels of the organization.

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Hazard Identification

SAFETY EVOLUTION'S Hazard Identification system provides the worker and management a tool to identify and remove hazards from the workplace. Workers have a tool located in their responsive web-based interface that allows them to capture and report hazards in real time. The systems automation allows supervision the freedom to focus on their roles instead of being buried in administrative function.

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Corrective Action Work Flow

Safety Evolution's corrective action automation will change your health and safety system.


A user completes a form with a deficiency. (HID, equipment, vehicle or site inspection)

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Corrective Action

The system automatically creates a corrective action which is sent to the supervisor responsible. Corrective action is assigned for completion.

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User receives notification of corrective action assignment and then corrects the deficiency and the corrective action is returned for final approval.

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"They have helped me take my business to the next level in protecting my workers and providing tangible solutions to boost me above the current industry standards."
Silver Springs Massage Clinic
"Safety Evolution Software allowed us to reduce downtime on equipment through its automated inspection and corrective action system. We have seen our health and safety culture grow with this product."
Lamrock Canada
"The Safety Evolution system has provided us the ability to ensure accountability on all levels, as well as provide easy access to our safety program for all Howes & Kozak employees."
Howes & Kozak Oilfield Services


  • Custom SMS
  • For companies wanting to leverage our powerful SMS with customized documents.
  • Customized Forms
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  • Turn-Key SMS
  • Complete Safety Management Solution includes inspection forms, documents, policies, procedures and safety manual.
  • $10 per user / month
    + $400 setup fee*
  • Safety Manual
  • BBS / HID System
  • Corrective Actions
  • Employee Management
  • Learning Management System
  • Courses & Training
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  • Enterprise SMS
  • Enterprise packages are developed to meet the needs of the client.
  • Dedicated Server
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Setup Fee includes developing a company safety manual, importing digital signatures, company logo and setup of management staff accounts.