Workplace Safety is the only option.


Our customers get their workers home safe every day by using safety software designed to protect their most important assets.




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Are you sick of chasing your worker's tickets?


We have integrated Danatec courses into our Learning Management System. You will never chase down a ticket again. Download a complete list of training courses offered including TDG, WHMIS, and Ground Disturbance II.


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Safety Management Software

built from experience.


Safety software needs to be based on real-life safety experience. Safety Professionals are tied up with administrative work, jumping between systems, and trying to manage a hundred things at once. Our system is designed from our field experience and is the complete solution your team needs.


"Safety Evolution worked tirelessly to create an entire safety system catered to my business by my deadline, and they have always continued this same level of support. I would recommend Safety Evolution to anyone who has a need for a high level, state of the art, safety system. They will not disappoint you."
Rick Blanchette - Peak High Voltage 
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Manage safety, employees,

and assets from all angles


Companies need their teams to work in collaboration with one another. Safety managers are struggling to find one product to do everything. We designed software to manage employees, contractors, assets, analytics, training, and onboarding in one integrated software where the common denominator is safety.


“Our safety program was in need of a major update. We decided to work with Safety Evolution and our safety program has never looked better.”

Mike Kenyon - Lightning Hydrovac Ltd.


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Let us shoulder the load


Safety Software takes months for companies to set up. Our Business Success Team builds your software, creates your custom implementation plan, trains key stakeholders, and guides you through the rollout process. We don't sell you software and then leave you to build and implement it without support.


“One thing that makes me the happiest is the service and support. As soon as you need something done, it is done and fast. With other safety management companies I have worked with- you were lucky if you got a callback, and when I needed something it happened very slowly- if at all.”

Gerry Psilka - Pitbull Energy Services

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Free Orientation and On-boarding Package


Our kit includes an editable company orientation PowerPoint, site-specific orientation checklist, and training matrix. On-boarding is your organization's chance to make an important first impression with your new workers and start strong with building a safe workplace.


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