18 Toolbox Talks for Winter

18 Toolbox Talks for Winter

With the end of fall just around the corner, winter is about to set in. The winter months bring their own set of challenges and safety hazards because of increased weather hazards such as the increased risk of slipping due to ice build-up, freezing temperatures and risk of snow build-up on worksites. We’ve compiled a list of 18 health and safety topics you can talk about with your workers to help them stay safe during the winter months.

Daily health and safety toolbox talks can help increase knowledge of the various hazards your team will be facing. 

By incorporating the different safety subjects, one at a time, little and frequently, you can soon boost health and safety awareness amongst your team. When people know about the risks and control them, they can work safer. Here are 18 safety topics you can discuss throughout the winter.

Topics listed A-Z

  1. Clearing Snow
  2. Cold Stress
  3. Daylight Savings Time Starting Safety
  4. Flu Prevention
  5. Frigid Weather Safety
  6. Frostbite
  7. Frost Safety
  8. Hypothermia
  9. Ice Storm Preparation
  10. Preparing for Snow
  11. Protection from the winter sun
  12. Snowplow safety
  13. Staying Warm
  14. When to Take a Sick Day
  15. Windchill Safety
  16. Winter Driving
  17. Winter Road Safety
  18. Working in Icy Conditions

Looking for more toolbox talk ideas for all seasons? We’ve got you covered. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Toolbox Talks.


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