Custom Onboarding & Employee Orientation

Want Consistent Orientations Delivered Every Time?

Deliver consistent orientations, anytime/anyplace. Build, assign, deliver and track employee orientations, onboarding checklists and worker certificates in one central location.

Custom Employee Onboarding & Orientation
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Safety Orientation & Onboarding Checklist Template

New hires at your company? The Safety Orientation package gives you all the tools a company or contractor needs to create your new employee's training, onboarding & orientation.

Upload a custom orientation

"There must be an easier way to facilitate safety orientations."

Build your custom orientations and training material.

Easily upload your company's new employee orientation, employee handbook, YouTube training videos, etc. into the system. Set a custom expiry date and receive an alert 30 days prior to expiry. Automatically assign to every worker you invite into the system and never worry about missing an orientation again.

"Did the worker learn anything from the orientation?"

Upload an Orientation Quiz with a passing rate.

The system will automatically grade each employee's quiz as a pass or fail with further instructions. Once the employee passes, a certificate will be automatically generated by the system. Always have proof the information was communicated to your workers.

Upload Orientation Quiz with Passing Rate
Set mandatory orientations & system generated certificates

"I need better tracking of orientations and certificates."

Select mandatory Orientation material & the LMS takes care of the work.

Every time you invite a new employee, the system will send the courses in their email invite. Admins will receive a Notification once the worker has completed the course. The Training Matrix and Employee Profile will be automatically updated with a system-generated certificate with both manager and employee signatures. Best of all, workers have access to their certificates on their devices 24/7.

"Did the employee complete their onboarding checklist?"

Create, track and store onboarding checklists.

Upload your custom onboarding checklists or edit one of our templates to make your own in the Form Designer. All of your new employee onboarding checklists will be available in one central location!

Create, track and store onboarding checklists

Here’s all the good stuff

Custom Orientation Courses

Upload orientation PowerPoints, videos, or embed links from YouTube & Vimeo.

Custom Quiz

Create custom quizzes while building your orientation.

Custom Passing Rate

Once a passing rate is set, the system will automatically grade the quiz as pass or fail.


With each invite to the system, the user will automatically be assigned orientation courses.


Admins receive notifications of when an employee has been certified in a course or 30 days in advance of expired certificates.

System Generated Certificates

The system will generate a certificate with the course outline, company logo, and the manager and employee's signature.

Training Matrix

The system-generated certificate will automatically populate the training matrix with expiry alerts.

Employee Profile

The system-generated certificate will automatically populate into the employee profile.

System Access Restricted

Employees must complete assigned orientations before getting full access to the system to fill out forms.

New Hire Onboarding Checklists

Create custom onboarding checklists or choose from our templates. All are tracked & stored in one central location when completed.


What our customers say

“One thing that makes me the happiest is the service and support. As soon as you need something it is done, and fast. With other safety management companies I have worked with- you were lucky if you got a callback, and when I needed something it happened very slowly- if at all.”

"Safety Evolution worked tirelessly to create an entire safety system catered to my business by my deadline, and they have always continued this same level of support. I would recommend Safety Evolution to anyone who has a need for a high-level, state of the art, safety system. They will not disappoint you."

"Safety Evolution Software was the tool we needed to unify our safety program and have a more manageable system. The team at Safety Evolution goes above and beyond and is always available to answer questions, fix problems, and walk you through the tools that you are learning to use."


5 Expert Tips for Creating Your Onboarding & Orientation For New Employees

Why are your incident and injury rates still high? There is often a common thread that leads back to the lack of new employee training....

Stop Writing Toolbox Talks!

Free Toolbox Talk Download. 


Download all the toolbox talk topics you need for your next safety meetings. Toolbox talk download package includes: Fall Protection, PPE, Ladder Safety, Pinch Points, Toolbox talk hand safety and many more.

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