Workplace Hazards Are Just Tragedies Waiting To Happen!

Download your Personal Safety Involvement guide to get workers to see workplace hazards in a new light.

What's Inside:

  • Framework Roadmap in 5 Easy Steps
  • Template Worksheet to document
  • 5 Step Engagement Strategy
  • 10 Point Checklist to keep employees motivated
  • Wallet Cards to distribute to your team

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Competencies and BBO's can change behaviour if we can help workers to see the real cost of unsafe work.

My name is David Brennan and in my career as a Safety Professional, I often had to find innovative ways to deal with workers that resisted efforts to get them working safer.

I learned this technique and implemented it with great success. 

It only took one conversation using the Personal Safety Involvement to take the most stubborn worker and get them to see that they had bigger reasons to work safer other than me.