Stop Unsafe Work or it Could Cost Someone Their Life!

Stop Unsafe Work or it Could Cost Someone Their Life!

Have you ever been afraid to speak up because you felt that if you said something you would get fired?

Many people go to work with this fear every day!

Their company tells them that they need to stop unsafe work, but they know that if they do that their supervisor, team, or management will label them as trouble causers.

Therefore, they continue to go to work every day, worried about their safety and the safety of the people around them.

They don't have the tools or training to feel that their job is safe? if they stop work for safety reasons.

Then one day someone gets hurt or loses their life on the job... and worst of all, they knew it would happen.

Everyone is left wishing they had done something sooner.

They have survivor's guilt and feel responsible for the incident happening. 

Many safety professionals feel the same way. 

So, what can you do when you are in this situation?

What can you do to turn this type of culture around?

These are great places to start:

  1. Teach your Supervisors how to use the Personal Safety Involvement Framework.
  2. Put a system in place so your workers have the right people to talk to.
  3. Use Behavioural Observations as a way to share an event without naming names.
  4. Explain that it is our responsibility to stop unsafe work.

In today's video, David Brennan co-founder at Safety Evolution explains how to create a culture that stops unsafe work. 


Unsafe work framework


Incidents have a very broad and profound effect on our people and business. Once an event has happened it is too late to take it back. 

Safety Professionals that focus on safety culture and the systems that support them can stop these events before they happen. 

Book a 15-minute call with our team to learn how the Safety Evolution Safety Software can give you more time to focus on building the culture at your company. 

Strong Safety Culture Saves Lives!

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