What do I need to know about SECOR?

What do I need to know about SECOR?

Starting the journey to get SECOR for your business can be daunting but the rewards are worth it!

The Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) is a great way to measure the effectiveness of your company's safety program. 

The real question is where do you start?

This is where most business owners get stuck because of all the requirements that you will have to meet. 

The top two challenges are:

  1. Creating your safety manual, practice, and procedures.
  2. Building your documents and getting your team to fill them out. 

We can help you out with the first challenge by providing you with a Safety Manual Template that will save you hours of work. You can customize the manual to your company's needs by reviewing it and updating the content to reflect your operations.  

Free Safety Manual Download

This package also includes:

  • Safety Manual Template
  • Safe Work Practices Template
  • Safe Work Procedure Template
  • Competency Inspection Template
  • Site Inspection Template
  • Field Level Hazard Assessment or FLHA form
  • Job Hazard Assessment or JHA Form
  • Safety Meeting Form
  • Equipment Inspection Form

In this week's video, David Brennan, Co-founder of Safety Evolution will teach you about what you need to know to get SECOR.

He will tell you about his personal experience getting SECOR and chat about how safety management software can make the process easier for you and your team.



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 Getting SECOR is worth the effort. It will help you protect your workforce but also open doors to contracts and new business. 

Customers want to know the companies that are working for them have systems in place to protect their interests. 

There is a direct connection between safe, happy workforces and high-quality products.

You can differentiate yourself from your competitors by showing you take safety seriously.

As an added bonus - SECOR can qualify you for WCB rate premiums reductions. 

Jump on a call with our team to chat about how we can support you on your journey to get  SECOR.

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