The ABC's of Building Online Training in Your LMS

The ABC's of Building Online Training in Your LMS

Are you thinking about ways to simplify your worker training and onboarding?

Does your company have training in place?

How long does it take to train a new team member for a position?

Is training or the lack of training a causal factor that comes up in your investigations?

The challenges that businesses face are how do we make sure that our employees know how to do their job. 

It can be expensive to spend one on one time with every worker. It isn't the best use of time.

Most companies expect that the HR team or Safety team will make sure that the new recruits will be put through training and that they will review the company practices and procedures. 

This can create its own challenges. 

Companies with multiple locations will find it difficult to make sure that training is consistent at each location. 

The next challenge is that each location and task has its own unique steps and hazards. 

So how can your team overcome these challenges and build out amazing training that your team needs?

Once you have built the training then how can you deliver it consistently to your people?

Join David Brennan Co-Founder at Safety Evolution while he teaches you the ABC's of how you can create amazing training that is customized for your company and then how you can deliver this training to your team no matter where your workforce is located.

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Orientation and training workers was one of the many challenges that we felt safety professionals need better tools to address. 

Business owners dedicate large quantities of resources in the training and development of their workforce. 

The Safety Evolution Learning Management System provides you with the tools that you need to be able to create, host and deliver the training that your company needs. 

Imagine being able to quickly create training and then deliver it to all or part of your team immediately!

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