Safety Software Makes COR Compliance Easy!

Safety Software Makes COR Compliance Easy!

Every Safety Professional we talk to gets a little anxious when they start to prepare for their COR audit!

Safety professionals work all year long with their team to implement the safety program and keep their people safe. Most start to prepare for their COR (Certificate of Recognition) audit at least a month out.

This includes going through to ensure that all the safety paperwork is there and not in someone's truck, job trailer, coveralls, or desk. 

Tracking down safety documents can take a month or more. 

Our team is made up of 50% safety professionals, one of the team recently said they finally donated their coveralls and found an FLHA in the pocket from 5 years ago!

So with that in mind, there is a good chance that you will never get all the documents back! 

This is only one of the challenges of meeting COR requirements with a paper-based system.

The big question is "what can you do to make your life easier?"

The answer is pretty simple, move to a safety management system like Safety Evolution. 

In this week's blog, David Brennan, Co-founder of Safety Evolution talks about COR. He highlights how Safety Management Software can make many of the challenges of securing and maintaining it disappear.


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We talk with Safety Professionals every day whom all struggle with the administrative workload that is required to meet the COR requirements.

They feel like they are not able to do all the proactive aspects of their job because they are stuck ensuring compliance. 

They want to be out mentoring and working with their teams to get ahead of the problems and Incidents that are part of daily operations.

Imagine having the time and information to determine what the best proactive initiatives are to implement throughout the year. 

Jump on a 15-minute call with our team, to learn more about how your company can get the tools you need to change the way you implement, monitor, and understand your safety program. 

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